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First Primary Care has amazingly revolutionized the healthcare system by offering clients the choice of two High-end, Affordable Healthcare memberships as an alternative to the country's broken healthcare system.


I signed up to this program late August 2019, due to some fatigue issues. I will be honest, I was skeptical at first because I’ve had the run around with health care for over a year and I figured what else do I have to lose. I got a call from a representative who spent 45 minutes on the phone with me to answer all of my questions. Once I signed up to the program and downloaded the app to communicate with my physicians, I immediately got a first appointment in the same week. Upon arrival, I was greeted at the door by Dr. Goyal and in the same room I met Dr.Dhukka who were BOTH in the room with me. I listed my concerns, and they came up with a treatment plan for me. Not only did I have options for treatment, they went out of their way to find which pharmacy had the best costs for me prescription wise. A few weeks later, my routine lab work (covered by their program) came back, I asked if I could do a few other tests and found out I had another underlying ailment. We had a long talk when I came back into the office about it, and it wasn’t about the diagnoses but they genuinely cared about how I felt about the diagnoses. I was then referred to a specialist by Dr.Goyal, and what I appreciate about this referral is that it wasn’t just someone he knew, but he also kept my budget in mind. Also, before the referral, Dr.Goyal went out of his way to get opinions on my bloodwork by other specialists he knew. That’s how we got such a quick understanding about what was going on with me.

— Kay Elle Cao

The quality of service I have received fro Dr. Goyal and his staff over the past 8 months has been amazing. First Primary has also put me in touch with other professional services who provided great care at an incredibly affordable cost. This sure beats ridiculous high cost health insurance.

— Dave Rosenthal

First Primary Care is the very best thing that has happened to me and my wife. We are always confident that we are in good care. Importantly if we needed refills on medication there are no hastle - one text we are ready to pick up the refills - me and my wife can't say anything negative about the system

— Hampo Hekimian

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