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601 Sawyer Street, Washington Avenue Coalition / Memorial Park, TX, 77007, US

Phone: (713) 242-1265

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Franzetti Law PLLC description

Franzetti Law PLLC provides legal services to assist a business owner in growing and protecting the value of the business while reducing or eliminating risk. These areas include, among other things:

• Start-ups and Formations
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Business Contracts
• Resolving Partner Disagreements and Break-Ups
• Raising Capital
• Insolvency Advice
• Employment and Personnel
• Intellectual Property (including trademarks, licensing, and NDA’s)
• Compliance (including codes of conduct and bribery issues)

Essentially, contracts, contracts, and more contracts.

The firm’s pledge is this:
• We give practical advice based on courtroom experience and day-to-day involvement in business
• Our turn-around time on projects is on your schedule.
• Our focus is on helping business owners build a valuable business and protecting what they have with
available legal tools.
• Our charges are fair.


Paul does an excellent job. I refer all my clients to him for assistance!

— Troy Wootton

Every business needs a great accountant and a stellar lawyer. If you hire Paul as your attorney, you're already halfway there. He's incredibly responsive, super thorough, and an all-around good person to have on your side. I can't recommend him enough. Paul has personally helped me, and several of my personal colleagues as well. Hire Paul and save your peace of mind!

— Sean Butler

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