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2392 Santa Luz Path, League City, TX 77573, League City, Houston, 77573, US

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Cleaning gutters is a nightmare, and can cause other problems for your home as well.
At Gutter Filters of Houston we offer a more superior product to go over your gutters and protect them from any clogs. Our product has been rated number 1 for the last 4 years over any other.

We don’t use a plastic product or a low grade mesh, we offer a high quality stainless steel mesh with a galvalume frame so it holds up to all the elements of the weather.

We also have engineered our mesh not to allow leafs to be able to lay flat, instead we have raised our system to have a S curve design, so that it will slow water down, and leafs can not lay flat on it.


Matt Barnes, the owner, is a thief and a habitual liar!! He subcontracts his installs out to anyone and does not check their work! He won’t pay his sales people so they have to sue to get paid!! Most of his reviews are FAKE !
I worked for him for 2 months and sold
$60,000.00 in completed and paid in full jobs to Matt and have to sue in court to get paid as agreed in my contract.!! My clients were always calling me about installation problems because Matt would not answer his phone!!!
BEWARNED and BEWARE !!!!!!!!

— Steve s

Matt Barnes was very professional and offered us a great product for a good price. Installation went smoothly. There was a small section that was not installed properly, so I called Matt and he sent the crew back on the same day to make the repair. I can highly recommend this company. Great product and customer service.

— Carlos Ichter

Matt Barnes is a true professional. Explained his product well without dragging out the presentation. Installation of the gutters was quickly done. I love the product and would HIGHLY recommend Gutter Filters of Houston

— Tom Wilson

There are a lot of options for gutter guards. I did research for a few weeks including asking neighbors about their experiences. In the end I wanted a top notch product that would work (so I would not have to). As an engineer I was drawn to the Valor style guards. The “S” shape and the slight bow make great sense to make sure water has time to enter the gutter thru the screen and prevent leaves etc from sticking to the screen. I found this design superior to the major competitors.

We contacted Matt from Gutter Filters of Houston and he came to the house and measured my gutters and noted all corners etc. it took about 30 minutes to get measurements and do a quick layout of the roofline. We then spent another 20-30 minutes reviewing the options and pricing etc.

We agreed to an installation date and his team was here on time and got the job done quickly and then cleaned up after themselves. They made sure all my gutter seams were sealed and all debris in the gutters cleaned out. The guards are not visible from ground level which is nice. We have not had a hard rain yet, but I did take out the garden hose and sprayed the roof on full power to simulate a hard rain. The “S” curves worked exactly as designed to slow the water and make sure it all got into the gutter with no overflow.

So far so good. We would recommend the Valor style guards and Gutter Filters of Houston to do the work.

— Brad DeSplinter

No comment

— Adrian

No comment

— Adrian

Completely the beat sales experience I’ve had because the owner was not pushy at all, actually the opposite and told me to get more bids if I felt that I needed to, they install there product and cleaned up everything like they said they would, hands down a great experience

— Carl Weighton

The owner has a real problem with telling the truth. I was told my gutters would be fully cleaned out before installing guards. He also said they would be inspected for leaks and caulked as needed. Unfortunately I couldn't be there for install but checked on the work when I got home. The top layer of leaves was removed and promptly dumped in my landscaping beds while a significant amount of dirt and roof debris was left in the gutter before drilling the gutter guards down. After watching the security camera video of the install, it became very apparent his crew did poor work, never even bothering to touch a hose. He also built a complete box around a gutter downspout allowing leaves to be trapped, defeating the purpose of the project. After confronting him, he made up lies about the work and then unsolicited statements about his personal life that also turned out to be lies. The amount of reviews where the writer has only written the one review for his company is interesting. I will use someone I can trust to rectify my issues.

— David Marino

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