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League City, Texas

Phone: 713-882-1019


Cathy O Designs specializes in the meticulous redesign of kitchens and bathrooms, although her expertise extends to commercial ventures such as dentists’ offices. While approximately 60 percent of her projects involve remodels, she also delves into new construction, making up the remaining 40 percent.

Setting herself apart from conventional decorators, Cathy maintains a hands-on approach to her work, ensuring meticulous attention to detail throughout every project. Her insistence on personally overseeing each aspect of the design process stems from her unwavering commitment to precision and perfection. With an acute eye for proportion and size, Cathy refuses to compromise on quality, often taking matters into her own hands to rectify any discrepancies.

In addition to her design prowess, Cathy is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and create bespoke art pieces when necessary, prioritizing efficiency and client satisfaction above all else. Despite the availability of countless options, Cathy's original barn wood art, crafted over two decades ago, continues to resonate with one particular client, a testament to her enduring talent and timeless aesthetic.



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