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When I pulled into Kendra's driveway for a business meeting and looked the front elevation of her home, I fell in love! Everything about this home was amazing. The exterior front and back! Then I was treated to a viewing of the interior of her home. As a remodeler and interior designer, I find her talent amazine. As many of you know, I have been journaling builders and remodelers in Houston for over 15 years, and I've been in many beautiful homes, both custom-built and remodeled. This was an older home. I was familiar with the interior style back in the day. What amazed me is that the style she went with when remodeling was not exactly the style I would have opted for when remodeling my home; however, I fell in love with every aspect of this home. I see Kendra's Interior Design business growing exponentially throughout the years because of her talent, her love for the industry, and her caring demeanor toward her customers.

— Giselle Bernard

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