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Keith is your guy if you are having issues with the IRS. He is always up on the latest rules and regulations to help his clients in the best way possible Highly recommend him!

— John Blumenthal

Keith was a beacon of hope when I had to deal with an issue I knew nothing about. He took a very frustrating situation I was dealing with and made it an easier and better situation.

When the situation got even more complicated he was able to take control and keep it from being an scary and frustrating on going issue. Highly recommend!

— Tiffany M

I highly recommend Keith. He helped me with a complicated issue with the IRS. Because of an error in the way I filed my taxes the IRS was claiming I owed them thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes and penalties. Keith was able to take my information and explain to the IRS that I not only didn't owe them any taxes or penalties but, I was due a small refund.

— Lonnie Galyean

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